“Hosting in Bangladesh” provides IT supports for professionals and general public too. This institution is ready for 24/7/365 to provide answers of the questions of all classes through online chatting, email and phone call.

The ways of support are given below:

Ticket system:

Ticket system is a customer support program.  By this system, effective services are provided to the customers. This system removes gaps and makes close relation between the company and clients. As a client, you can contact with our support team any time as we are available in online 24/7/365. If you have any related question to ask, information to know or objection to do, you can openly share with us. We are constantly ready to solve your problem and instruct you for easy race in future.

Asking question freely:

Being open minded is very essential in business. It increases intimacy between the company and customers. Making necessary questions feeling free is a great way of dispelling doubt, misunderstanding and hesitation. So, we never mind to answer of questions done not only by our customers but also general. Rather, we encourage all classes to associate with us hoping to get co-operation.

You can contact with us by email, Skype or phone call. You can chat with us freely. Our email ID, Skype ID and Phone number are available in our site for your easy communication.

Pre-sales contact form:

Pre-sales is a process of activities and sales. If you have any question, you can ask us directly from our site. We are ready to answer you for your comfort.

Feel free to make any comments about our activities from your feeling. Any criticism from readers and searchers having high sense will be received appreciately. We are also ready to get any of your suggestion for our modification and improvement.


Need Help? Call Us 24/7: + 88 01962-677236