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Store Management Software in Bangladesh is now a catchphrase to all especially in business class. This software is a must in the field related to storing goods in stock. This software has vast necessity in proper management of various departmental products in an easy way. To make this profitable software available for all small and large business, “Hosting in Bangladesh” is always with you. This notable company discusses with the clients frankly and creates the software user-friendly in affordable price.

Store management software defines: The software formed to manage the perfect calculation of the products of business companies, restaurants, shops, garments, groceries and so on is called the store management software. It helps the incharges to complete their duty easily, effectively and shortly.

“Hosting in Bangladesh” offers the following benefits in its store management software:


  1. Helping to transfer goods:
  2. Seeking out the lost items:
  3. Identifying the unusable stock:
  4. Making product list easily:
  5. Modifying stock according to necessity:
  6. Handling all the materials of the stock easily:
  7. Checking every item of products without difficulty
  8. Keeping every event with record and video
  9. Doing effective and quick communication with the purchasers
  10. Getting opening and closing balance report accurately
  11. Making the inventory database modernized:
  • Helping to transfer goods: It may sometimes necessitate transmitting the goods of the company from one department to another due to some definite reasons. In this time, it becomes essential to keep the proper calculation of the products. In this case, store management software helps to compute perfectly.
  • Seeking out the lost items: Our software tracks the accurate calculation. If any item is lost, it can be found out watching the tracking record with video by our software.
  • Identifying the unusable stock: The products kept in the stock sometimes become useless because of time over or for the lack of proper value in the market. Such types of products are identified by our software and it becomes helpful to use the items in other field as quick as possible.
  • Making product list easily: Product list is needed to send to the party or make purchase order. Walking to and fro in the stock room for making product list is not always possible. In this case, you can make the list easily to see the tracked list in the software.
  • Checking every item of products without difficulty: Our software will effectively help you to check all the items in the stock comfortably.
  • Modifying stock according to necessity: As the daily information is easily found from the software, the stock can be modified and made up date according to necessity to cope with the advanced system.
  • Handling all the materials of the stock easily: As the data of products including materials is visible in the software, proper management of the materials can trouble freely be done.
  • Keeping every event with record and video: The happenings in the stock are automatically contained in the software. You can see it any time to know the occurrence and remove doubt.
  • Apprehending the shortage of any materials: Our software will continuously show you the condition of the products. At this, you can easily realize the shortage of the products if have.
  • Doing effective and quick communication with the purchasers: The buyers have to be provided correct information about the products, items, services above all the answer of their investigation. In this case, our software will help you vastly to focus the update and ongoing information of your stock.
  • Getting opening and closing balance report accurately: Opening and closing balance should actually be reported. This report is found from the software now and then.
  • Making the inventory database modernized: Considering the present inventory database, the system can be made intelligently modernized.

In concluding portion, it is clear that store management software in Bangladesh created by “Hosting in Bangladesh” is undoubtedly essential for the smooth run of a business center. We create this software including all modern amenities.

Store Management Software modules :


1.Department Setup
2.Section Setup
3.Employee Setup
4.Supplier Setup
5.Category Setup
6.Specification Setup
7.Product Name Setup
8.PR Insert Setup


i.Opening Stock
ii.New Stock


1.View Products
2.Insert prods
3.Gate Pass Records

Stock Report:

i.Product Wise Report
ii.Opening Balance Report
iii.Product Issue Report
iv.Supplier Report
v.Gate Pass Report
vi.Closing Balance Report
vii.Stock Report


* Product Wise & All
* Date Wise
* Last Issued Date

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