School Management Software

Complete Web Based School Management Software in Bangladesh

School management software in Bangladesh is an essential software. It is necessary for the expected improvement of an institution. There is no alteration of this software to increase the standard of the education. Every part of an educational institution can be controlled in a systematic and effective way by installing school/college management software and this software is minutely and appropriately being created in an affordable price by “Hosting in Bangladesh”.


  • Website
  • Academic
  • Academic Calendar
  • Holidays
  • Student Info
  • Library
  • Laboratory
  • Club
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Notice
  • Routine
  • Result
  • Accounting
  • Students
  • Purchase
  • Inventory management
  • Fee collection (complete fee management)
  • Examination fee collection
  • Expenses
  • Reports
  • Payroll


  • Financial reports
  • Students account reports
  • Purchase report
  • Statistical reports
  • Analysis reports
  • Assets report
  • Ledgers
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Liabilities
  • Student Accounts
  • Tuition fees and admission fees management
  • Automatic computation Fine calculation
  • Installment, public ,rent and others credit calculations
  • Automatic computation of discounts and scholarships
  • Audit-friendly re-computation of discounts and scholarships
  • Prints examination permit and student clearance
  • Prints periodic examination summary of accounts
  • Transaction entries for general journal and journal entry voucher
  • Employee management system
  • Stores information of every employee
  • Reporting the absent / present status


  • Generates Teachers Salary, Officers & Staff Salary slips
  • Overtime calculations
  • Points for employee / teacher of the month
  • Transaction entries for general journal and journal entry voucher
  • Administration
  • User Module
  • Information’s
  • Notice
  • Declaration
  • Teacher ACR
  • Staff ACR
  • Discipline Committee
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Attendance
  • Manual
  • Device Integrations
  • Tender
  • House Maintenance
  • Question Management
  • Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Contact Information

School/college management software refers:

This software is such a store-house that can store every information of the institution involving teachers, managing committee, students, result, any functions of the past and present years after years.

The following advantages are available in school management software in Bangladesh:

school management software

  1. Investigating the presentation of the classes
  2. Tracking the movement of both the teachers and the students
  3. Noticing the students’ attendance
  4. Systematizing library in a grand style
  5. Having good communication with the guardian
  6. Taking online exam
  7. Accepting registration systematically
  8. Maintaining admission with update method
  9. Arranging functions in a grand style
  10. The systematic maintenance of conference
  11. User-friendly maintenance of social features
  12. Keeping good relation with the alumni
  13. Managing laboratory coping with up-to-the-minute system
  14. Dealing with payroll part effectively
  15. Scheming expenditure
  16. Proper arrangement of hostel
  17. Providing good transport facilities
  • Accepting registration systematically: It is an important task of an educational institution to receive registration from the students. This significant task can easily be done by using our school software.


  • Maintaining admission with update method: The incharges of the educational institution have to face the pressure of taking admission in the beginning of every year. Our software can do this task systematically, correctly and quickly that lessens the work-load of the institution.
  • Investigating the presentation of the classes: The actual improvement of the institution depends on taking perfect classes. So, the performance of the teachers in the class should be comprehensive. Our software can record the full class with video. Observing this video, teachers can find out their lack and provide good service next time.
  • Noticing the students’ attendance: The attendance of the students can be tracked by our software that you can see next time and take effective steps.
  • Systematizing library in a grand style: A library is an inseparable part of an educational institution. Setting up our software, you can see by sitting in your place whether everything (students’ movement, reading and management) in the library is ok or not.
  • Dealing with payroll part effectively: Our software maintains the payroll site subtly. You can quickly and correctly calculate every account of your staff by our software.
  • User-friendly maintenance of social features: Having the system of good communication with the parents can develop the standard of education expectedly. For this purpose, it is very necessary to maintain the social features that our software can easily do.
  • Taking online exam: Online exam can be taken by our software.

At last it can be said that school management software in Bangladesh is a part and parcel of the educational institution for getting the above facilities in order to improve the standard of education. “Hosting in Bangladesh” is always ready to provide you good service creating this software. This company aims at having in the highest position of success generation after generation giving service according to the satisfaction of the clients.

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