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Complete Web Based (Point of Sales) POS Software in Bangladesh

In the creation of POS Software in Bangladesh, “Hosting in Bangladesh” is the appropriate company. It has already showed its astonishing proficiency in different fields especially generating POS software. The main mission of this company is to serve in various classes by meeting up the desired demand of people in their particular case. Because of having idealism in service, the reputation of this company is now not only in Bangladesh but also around the world.


The POS Software signifies :

POS is an abbreviation. It means Point of Sale. This software is used to do a perfect transaction of selling products.

Using POS software is very useful. The following benefits can be got from this software:

1. Investigating data
2. Coping with the selling level
3. Realizing about purchase
4. Computing tax
5. Reducing operating cost
6. Entering inventory codes
7. Vending products in installment
8. Lessening human work load
9. Ensuring security
10. Presenting the exact report

Investigating data: POS software keeps the record of every activity occurred in the institution. It is very important to explore the existing data in order to realize the condition of the institution. At this, any problem can be solved if found and proper next step can be taken.

Coping with the selling level: After analyzing the recorded data from POS software, the in charge can easily realize the selling condition. He can sense about which product is more demandable and acceptable in the market. Recognizing it properly, he can cope with the selling level accurately.

Realizing about purchase: Purchase basically depends on selling. When the selling level will be clear to the in charge, he can clearly comprehend which products or items have to be purchased more. At this, the company will be developed by leaps and bounds.

Computing tax: There are certain rules on taxes. The codes of rules are entered in the POS software accurately. At this, the software automatically deducts the tax from the selling amount of every product. At this, the account becomes correct and the work load also lessens at a great scale.

Reducing operating cost: It is a great responsibility to run an institution of any type. Transacting is the main part of the company. Maintaining every part of the corporation is really a vast act in which several workers have to be employed that increases the cost of the company. But this operating cost can be reduced by using POS software.

Entering inventory codes: In order to sell the products methodically, inventory codes have to be entered. At this, the seller do not has to face any problem while selling the product.

Vending products in installment: Every company has some critical theory to increase the sale. Giving installment is such a good point to amplify the trade. The accurate account of this installment can minutely be done using POS software.

Ensuring security: Security is very expected in every part of work. So, it should be ensured. This surety is confirmed by POS software in Bangladesh. This software records all the events occurred in the company. At this, the perfect calculation of purchasing and selling products is exactly found that ensures the security expectedly.

Presenting the existing report: Surveying the obtained report is essential to realize about the present condition of the company and decide the next step exactly. In this case, the incharge will get the accurate reports from the record of the Point of sale POS software. Exploring the report minutely, he can take any decision effectively.

To sum up, it is articulated and evident from the above discussion that there is no alteration of Point of Sale software in the institution for its proper management, direction and expected progress. “Hosting in Bangladesh” deserves to be your first choice as this company skillfully creates POS software in Bangladesh that becomes user-friendly.


Pos Software Modules:


1. Customers
2. Items
3. Suppliers
4. Receiving
5. Sales
6. Employees
7. Store Configuration
8. Barcode integrated purchase and sales


1.Unlimited User
2.Access from anywhere
3.Unlimited PC access
4.Unlimited Employee Access
5.Individual access & user panel
6.Low cost & best support


1.Sales Report
2.Categories Report
3.Customers Report
4.Suppliers Reportr
5.Items Report
6.Employees Report
7.Taxes Report
8.Discounts Report
9.Payments Report
10.Low Inventory Report
11.Inventory Summary Report

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