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Among the prolific companies in Bangladesh that create HR and Payroll software, “Hosting in Bangladesh” is undoubtedly the most appropriate company. It works following the update system. It always has a great thirst for knowing the new things to provide extraordinary services to the clients. This company loves to provide methodical services. Actually it feels comfortable by offering the services of high level on different fields especially on HR & Payroll software.

The appropriate maintenance of the employees of a company is skillfully done by HR department. Providing salary based on competence and idealism is perfectly rendered by payroll department. As these two things are very significant part of a company, the company can easily complete these two parts without making any mistake by using HR & Payroll software.

By using HR software, HR department can maintain the employees methodically while Payroll department can complete its functions of paying salary to the employees based on payroll software getting information from the HR department.

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The facilities available in HR and Payroll software are given below for the easy convenience:

  • Recruiting the employees
  • The perfect management of the employees
  • Tracking their attendance
  • Providing correct solution of any problem
  • Ensuring a good environment of work
  • Managing absence
  • Making reports of the works and the workers easily
  • Paying checks
  • Keeping the record of every action
  • Proper deduction of taxes based on rule
  • Scheming vacation and holiday
  • Analyzing overtime along with basic duty
  • Trailing the advance payment
  • Collecting data form HR department by Payroll department
  • The above extracts are portrayed below:
  • Recruiting the employees: For the gradual development of the company, skilled and experienced employees have to be employed. HR department can play a great role to recruit the competent employees using HR software as this software can track the best performers.
  • The perfect management of the employees: If a company is able to manage its employees perfectly, it can go to its target position as quickly as it expects. HR software helps the in charge in this part of maintaining employees suitably.
  • Tracking their attendance: The expected progress of a company basically depends on the regular, punctual and systematic work of the employees. Timely attendance of the employees plays an expected role in this case. Whether the employees present in the workplace in time or not can subtly be tracked using HR software.
  • Providing correct solution of any problem: The employers can sense all the events shortly occurring in the company tracked by HR software. At this, it becomes easy to solve the problems accordingly and necessarily.
  • Ensuring a good environment of work: A good surrounding has a great effect on the employees. So, it is very important to ensure a perfect environment so that the employees can work freely. HR software helps the company to realize about the present condition and also helps to take a proper sense about its update that will be perfect for all involved in the company.
  • Making reports of works easily: HR software keeps all the information occurred in the company. The department can create a good report taking help from this software. This report is also helpful for the payroll department in case of maintaining the salary part.
  • Proper deduction of taxes based on rule: This is very important to deduct the taxes from the employees. This task can easily be completed by the payroll department using payroll software.
  • Scheming vacation and holiday: This is also an important part of HR & payroll department that can properly be done by the software created by “Hosting in Bangladesh”.
  • Trailing the advance payment: This is one of the significant tasks of Payroll department to trail the advance payment. This has to be done to meet up the necessity of the employees but a good account has to be kept that Payroll software can easily do.
  • Collecting data from HR section by Payroll department: HR department saves all the data using HR software. Payroll department collects this information and sense how to maintain the salary of the employees. This department also uses Payroll software to complete its duties based on the information getting from HR sector.

In the end, it is stated that having HR & Payroll software in a company is very needed for the proper and expected maintenance of the employee part and salary part. At this, the name and fame of the company will gradually be increasing in every nook and corner of the world. To materialize this dream of being famous, “Hosting in Bangladesh” is always beside you. This company creates HR and Payroll software thinking of the convenience of the company so that they employer in charge can easily run it.
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HR and Payroll Software Modules:


Roster Management

Shift Setup
Roster Plan setup
Roster Plan Details
Roster Details of Employee

Recruitment Management

Job vacancy Announce
CV Submitted
CV Short List
Interview process
Result published

Attendance Management

Work Hour Setup
Manual check in/out
attendance through card/finger print
over time
Attendance data adjustment

Leave Management

Leave Type
Summery (include in Avail & Total Leave Taken)

Bonus Management

Bonus Setup
Bonus Processing
Bonus Adjustment

Training Management

Training Details
Announce for Application
Course & Questionnaire

Employee Management

Other qualification

Service Management


Performance Management

KPI Matrix Indicator
Corporate Score board
performance BENCHMARKING
Performance Evaluation Report

Payroll Management

Salary structure
Actual Salary
Provident Fund
Salary Sheet Generate Monthly
Loan(provident fund, house loan, Tax)

MIS Reports

Employee Information
Salary Information
Leave Information
Attendance Information
Others Report

Silent Feature

Mail & SMS sending.

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