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Complete Garments ERP Management Software

Using software in garment sectors is now a common matter for the plain run of the sectors. Garments ERP software in Bangladesh has occupied these fields widely. “Hosting in Bangladesh” figures this most usable software containing user-friendly functions. The ERP software designed by this prolific company meets up the aspiration of the business sectors from all angles as this company structures the ins and outs of the software by a physical negotiation with the clients.

The meaning of Garments ERP software

ERP is an abbreviation of enterprise resource planning. If any software is designed by investigating the internal and external things of all the departments of a company for taking an appropriate decision of future step in order to run it smoothly will be called ERP software.

  • The ERP software created by us provides the following benefits:
    1. The contribution of ERP software in HR part
    2. The assistance of the software in maintaining payroll
    3. The usefulness of our software in maintaining the products of the stock:
    4. Proper control of MIS department by our software:
    5. The deeds of our software in accounting department


  • The contribution of ERP software in HR part

ERP software has a wide role in controlling the employees of an institution. This software helps in taking the skilled workers. It assists the in charge of HR department while recruiting employees. The attitude, movement, types of actions and answering questions etc of the applicants are tracked minutely by the software. The in charge can examine this track in every inch next time to select the polite and competent employees for the institution. A comfortable environment can be made sure by this software which can make the employees feel better. The presence, late, absence, attentiveness etc of the workers can be seen using this software.

  • The assistance of the software in maintaining payroll

Making salary sheet is a very significant task. Payroll department feels relaxed to complete this duty using our ERP software. The estimation of tax can easily be done by our software. The calculation of advanced payment is found from the tracking list that makes the computation so easy for the in charge of this department. Using this software the estimate of overtime, absence and holiday can perfectly be completed.

  • The usefulness of our software in maintaining the products of the stock:

Managing the stored products is very essential. A manager has to employ in this section to look after all the items of goods. Our software tracks everything in a continuous process. While transferring products, our software keeps estimate correctly. The lost products can be found out easily using our software. The expired date products can be marked and taken a proper decision for its actual maintenance. Our software profoundly helps you in all this operation.

  • Proper control of MIS department by our software:

The present age is the era of business. There is no alteration of expanding a business without spreading information about your company and products. So, every institution has an information center. This department shows you any information that you need anytime. Our ERP software helps this department providing information – customer list, the price of sales, taking the order, deliver or cancel etc.

  • The deeds of our software in accounting department

Accounting department plays a vital role in managing the calculation of income and cost. So, this department has to know the entire occurrence of the institution. In this case, our software helps the department providing all the information about income, cost and every event.

In the last stage, it is disclosed that Garments ERP software in Bangladesh is undoubtedly a unique software that is combined with every section. “Hosting in Bangladesh” shapes this software exercising deep knowledge of modernism to fill up the target of the clients. Creating this software hoping to provide the best service according to the ambition of the clients is our main motto.



Garments ERP Software Modules :



1. Administrative
2. Commercial Management:


3. Mechanizing Management
4. Production Management:

* Sewing Management
* Finishing Management
* Printing Management
* Washing Management
* Embroidery Management
* Knitting Management
* Dyeing Management


5. Inventory Management:
6. HR & Payroll Management (with Attendance):

* HR & Payroll Reports

7. Accounts Management :

* Accounts Operation
* Accounts Reports


8. MIS Reports

* Silent Feature: Mail & SMS sending.

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