The necessity of HR & Payroll software in Bangladesh
hr and payroll software
The necessity of HR & Payroll software in Bangladesh

In case of HR & Payroll Software, “Hosting in Bangladesh” is a prominent company. It provides services on various fields especially on HR & Payroll software. The company creates this software with entire competence along with easy function so that the software becomes user-friendly. For this reason, the company has got support from all classes and reached to the successful position.


HR department plays a great role to control the employees of the institution. It keeps the eyes open to look after the employees about their opportunities and also takes satisfactory services from them for the development of the company. Payroll department takes information from HR and provide salary to the employees to make them satisfied. Actually there is a good co-ordination between HR and Payroll department though the functional activities of the two are different.

HR is responsible to maintain the employees while payroll is responsible to provide salary according to the designation of the employees. At this, the employers can judge every act of the employees and provide salary easily. On the other hand, the employees also become satisfied working and taking salary by this process.

A company of any type can take the following advantages using HR & Payroll software:


  1. Employ the employees
  2. The maintenance of payroll
  3. Ensuring good environment of work
  4. Absence management
  5. Solving problems by following example/ model
  6. Tracking the participation of employees in benefits programs
  7. producing pay checks and payroll reports
  8. maintaining personnel records
  9. Providing training
  10. Ensuring safety and security
  11. Keeping the record of activity
  12. Allowing employees to update personal information
  13. Verifying the work and duty
  14. Observing the time and attendance
  15. Analyzing various taxes and deductions
  16. Keeping record of every action (necessary for giving salary)
  17. Paying checks based on laws
  18. Paying bonus monitoring idealism of the employees
  19. Calculating overtime, occasional vacation and holiday correctly
  20. Logical maintenance of the financial part
  21. Tracking the advance payment
  22. Decreasing operating cost
  23. Making employees happy
  24. Receiving every data from HR department

A short description of the above quotation is given below:

Employ the employees: HR department can easily recruit the skilled and experienced employees in the company by using HR software without making any miscalculation.

Tracking the participation of employees in benefits programs: An employee becomes entirely perfect after working for several years. Through this years, he has to play some rules to be satisfactorily skilled. Participating in benefits programs is one of them. To account the participation of the employees for next plan of the company, this thing can easily be tracked by HR software.

Providing training: This is a common matter to provide training to the staff the company. HR department is in charge to maintain it. HR software can give a good service to the employers in this case to maintain such training for the staff.

Safety and security: Ensuring safety for all the employees of the company is very essential. HR software can easily do it by HR software.

Absence management: HR department can track the absence of the employees by HR software.

Maintaining the employees: For the advancement of the company to cope with the advanced world, the employers have to maintain the employees skillfully. This great responsibility can be completed using HR software.

Managing payroll: In order to make the employees satisfied and get satisfactory service, a company has to consciously manage the payroll site. In this case, HR department give all types information about the employees that they have done the last month to the payroll department. At this payroll department can easily maintain the payroll side. Actually tracking information, working categories, attendance and providing salary can easily be maintained by using HR and payroll software.

Making the workplace modernized: Now the world is progressing fast. So, all the fields of work are also being progressed following modernism. Ensuring modernized workplace is a great duty for the company that be done by HR and payroll software.

Reducing the manual workload of administration: A company has to employ many employees to control the other employees about their punctuality, work, attendance, modesty and the function of providing salary. In this case, if the company use HR & Payroll software, all the important function of the company can be maintained properly by employing only two employees in two departments. The working result using this software will be also pleasing.

Observing the time and attendance: The promotion of the workers naturally depends on the idealism. Attending in time is very important in this case. This thing is tracked by HR department and observed by payroll department. At this, the salary part can minutely be maintained.

Analyzing various taxes and deductions: Every company goes through some rules and regulations. Providing taxes is a great rule. So, the company deduct taxes from its employees. This important matter is controlled by payroll department. The department can do this significant works by using payroll software.

Paying checks based on laws: Paying checks is a common matter for every company. This thing can properly be done by payroll software.

Paying bonus monitoring idealism of the employees: Payroll department collect the necessary information of the works from HR department and then consider about paying bonus. HR department can perfectly track the information of the employees by using HR software and payroll department can monitor it easily using payroll software.

Making employees happy: A company of any type can go to the highest peak of success if it is capable to make its employees satisfied. In this case, HR and Payroll department has a great responsibility. The more the HR & Payroll department is organized, the more the company is on the successful way. To control the employees and their salary, there is no alteration of using HR & Payroll software.

Logical maintenance of the financial part: Maintaining financial part of a company is very significant for its development. The company can manage this part using HR & Payroll software.

Tracking the advance payment: This is very simple to take advance payment by the employees. The payroll department can track this account easily using a payroll software.

Carrying on the record of work: All the activities of the employees are subtly be carried on by using a Payroll & HR software.

Some more benefits of having HR & payroll software:

  • Having the security of data storage
  • Increasing productivity
  • Worry –free maintenance of salary part
  • Making proper decision observing the practical situation
  • Giving promotion, demotion or firing the employees from the job

At last it can be said that the necessity and usefulness of HR & Payroll Software in a company is undeniable. This software is essential for the systematic maintenance of a company and its adequate development. “Hosting in Bangladesh” creates this software appropriately, user-friendly with enough proficiency.

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