The requirement of School/College Management Software in Bangladesh
The requirement of School/College Management Software in Bangladesh

“Hosting in Bangladesh” is an eminent company in Bangladesh in case of creating School / College Management Software. The necessity of this software in educational institutions is undeniable. The significance of having such software in every instructive organization cannot be narrated in words to improve the standard of education and cope with the advanced world. This company designs this software to scatter the light of education all over the country and make educational system digitalized.

The meaning of school management software

It is an application software. It can store the data of the students, teachers, staff and administrators. It can track the facts of every department of the institution age after age.

The educational institutions – schools, colleges and universities can easily get the following facilities using the school/college management software:

  1. Automatic receive of registration
  2. Easy maintenance of admission
  3. Tracking students’ behavior
  4. Methodical management of classes
  5. Tracking time-table
  6. Transport management
  7. Organizing library
  8. Trailing the attendance of both students and teachers
  9. Payroll management
  10. Supervising expense
  11. Investigating the performance of classes
  12. Social feature management
  13. Making communication easy
  14. Completing account simply
  15. Laboratory management
  16. Profile management
  17. Managing transport
  18. Taking exam following the update method
  19. Hostel management
  20. Alumni (former student of school/college or university) Management
  1. Automatic receive of registration: Students from different places do registration in the institution. It often becomes boring for the incharge to keep the receivable registrations safely. In this case, the software created by “Hosting in Bangladesh” can receive the registrations automatically and handle simply.
  1. Easy maintenance of admission: The systematic management of admission is very significant. It can be easily managed using our software.
  1. Tracking students’ behavior: The development of the educational institutions greatly depend on the good discipline of the students. The software created by us can track the students’ behavior to realize the improvement of the institution
  1. Methodical management of classes: Every educational institution should ensure good classes for its expected progress. Our company is always beside you to implement this expectation by creating school/college management software in Bangladesh.
  1. Tracking time-table: It is acknowledged that time and tide waits for none. So, every activity of the institution should be performed in time. Our software can track the time of every act.
  1. Organizing library: A library is a vast collection of books. Students come here being thirst for knowledge. So, it should be effectively organized. Our software entirely helps you in this portion.
  1. Trailing the attendance of both the students and teachers: If there is a system of trailing the attendance in the institution, both the students and teachers will be on time in their presence that will automatically improve the standard of education and develop the institution.
  1. Payroll management: Teachers along with staff of all sections have to be paid salary timely according to designation. This important task can easily be handled by using our software.
  1. Supervising expense: The earning money of institution can expectedly be increased by controlling expense. This part can minutely be supervised by our software.
  2. Investigating the performance of class: The competitive improvement of educational institutions depend on taking good class. So, it should be investigated for the confirmation about the performance of classes and this inquiry can properly be done by our software.
  1. Social feature management: The easy access in social features is very useful for institutional development from all sides. Teachers can make comprehensive content by discussing and sharing opinion with each other. The parents can also be informed about the performance of their children by managing social features. All this can perfectly be done using the software created by us.
  1. Completing account simply: The account have to be prepared appropriately. Our School/ College management software provides calculating advantage too.
  1. Laboratory management: Laboratory is a significant part of an institution. It should be run in a systematic way following the most update method that our software provides.
  1. Profile management: Maintaining profile is a very important portion for the high level maintenance of an institution. We create our software keeping this update thing in our mind.
  1. Taking exam following the update method: Everything is becoming digitalized to cope with the advanced world. So, the method of taking exam in the institution has also become update. Using our software, you can arrange taking exam in online.
  1. Hostel management: Most of the schools and colleges have hostel. It should be maintained properly. If the hostel is controlled applying moral rules, the students will be moral, polite, responsible and punctual. The movement and activities of the students in hostel can minutely be tracked by our software. Setting it carefully, the hostel can also be supervised easily.
  1. Alumni Management: The previous students of the institution are like a great wealth. More students will be attractive to the institution every year if the previous students support the school whole-heartedly. So, they should be held. They have to be made reunion. Our software can track their all data and show you whenever you will search.

To sum up, it can be asserted that “Hosting in Bangladesh” always try heart and soul to create a user-friendly software that can manage the institution subtly from all sides. The school/management software shaped by this company is actually formed to meet up the demand of the institution. In this case, we openly talk with our clients to know about their necessity and demand so that we can generate perfect software to manage everything according to their expectation.

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