The benefits of using ERP software in Bangladesh
erp software bangladesh
The benefits of using ERP software in Bangladesh

ERP software in Bangladesh shaped by “Hosting in Bangladesh” modernizes the business   sectors, especially the garments industries. Our company creates such ERP software that generally focuses on every department of a business industry particularly – HR, Payroll, production, stock, inventory, mechanism, accounts, MIS and so on. Forming such advantageous software based on the structured category of industry, our company has become popular across the country. This company aims at serving the business industries of all classes.

  • ERP software defines:

The meaning of ERP is enterprise resource planning. The software using to make a perfect plan of including interior and exterior source of an organization is called ERP software. It processes the business related sources effectively as it is an integrated application.

  • The conveniences endowed with our ERP software in case of HR part are as follows:
  1. Employing the workers
  2. Maintaining the employees systematically
  3. Trailing the attendance of the staff
  4. Giving solution of any problem if they face
  5. Offering the comfortable surroundings of work
  6. Tracking the absence
  7. Helping to form the report of the employees about their works
  8. Keeping eyes on holidays
  • Our software supplies the following benefits in term of Payroll site:
  1. Helping to manage salary part according to the rules of the institution
  2. Providing check
  3. Calculating taxes followings state rule
  4. Helping to make salary sheet evaluating basic duty along with over time
  5. Tracking the advance payment
  6. Gathering data from HR department for easy account
  • The amenities our software provides to maintain inventory are:
  1. Assisting in shipments of goods
  2. Finding out products if lost
  3. Marking imperfect items
  4. Adjusting the inventory of the stock
  5. Controlling the resources perfectly
  6. Verifying the products easily
  7. Making all the reports available
  8. Helping to communicate with the clients
  • In part of the inventory, our flexible software offers the following benefits:
  1. Making the inventory database modernized
  2. Making product list easily
  3. Helping to make purchase list
  4. Assisting to talk with the parties about the products
  5. Helping to send a complete list of the products to the parties (selling purpose, informing about the products)
  6. Providing information about raw material for adequate production (for satisfactory supply)
  • Management information system (MIS)

There is an information department in every institution. The prime duty of this department is to make the reports regularly on the activities of the sections including with the organization. Our software helps the MIS department in every inch to form this report accurately in the following ways:

  1. Saving customer list
  2. Tracking sales price
  3. Keeping information of taking order
  4. Gathering information of delivering products according to order
  5. Tracking the cancel order or delivering more
  6. Custody all the information of every department based on their activities
  7. providing all the tracked information to the MIS department during necessity
  8. Helping the department to take next effective steps
  • The ways our ERP software helps the accounting department are:
  1. Providing information of every moment
  2. Giving the accurate calculation of production
  3. Helping to make payroll sheet quickly and easily
  4. Giving information about the attendance, absence (regularity and attentiveness of the employees)
  5. Helping to realize the income and cost of the institution
  6. Helping to negotiate based on the information of our software
  • Our software can do the followings about mechanization
  1. Tracking the quality of work
  2. Marking productive capability daily and monthly
  3. Helping to realize the inspiration of the workers in their duty
  4. Judging the standardization
  5. Helping to take proper decision for the next time
  • With the above facilities of our software, your organization enables:
  1. Taking accurate service from the employees
  2. Making proper communication and good relation among the departments
  3. Diminishing the threat of failure or loss in any mission
  4. Enabling to deliver products in time
  5. Expanding the periphery of the business in every expected portion
  6. Increasing popularity of the institution all over the country
  7. Achieving trustworthiness from the clients
  8. Remaining in the highest position of success stably

In the last part of the discussion, it is clear to us that the essential of ERP software in Bangladesh to run the garments sectors as well as related institution is inexpressible. The role playing by “Hosting in Bangladesh” in order to design an effective ERP software cannot be narrated in words. So, you can without hesitation select our company for such software in your institution. Our actual vision is to materialize your mission and we feel comfort to stand by you according to your necessity.

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