Accounting and Inventory Software

Accounting and inventory software in Bangladesh is an essential way with a view to running an institution of any kind from small to big – educational institutions, hospitals, factories, software or IT related company etc. “Hosting in Bangladesh” is always beside you to serve by creating this particular software with easy functions. The software shaped by this famous company is user-friendly. We constantly try to provide this software at an affordable price.

Accounting and inventory software

The definition of accounting and inventory software:

The software which is used to calculate day to day transaction of income, cost, purchase and sale, accounts of inventory in the stock, payroll, bonus, production, ledger, manufacturing and so on is called accounting and inventory software.

The facilities provided by our software are given below:

  1. Getting transaction of every moment
  2. Comprehensive computation of inventory
  3. Managing payroll and bonus subtly
  4. Making the delivery and invoice sheet with shipment
  5. Keeping the record of every account and event
  6. Preparing accurate report of every section of the company
  7. Getting ready sales and purchase quotations according to order
  8. Helping to do marketing
  9. Discussing with the parties with correct information

A short description of the above quotations is given below:

  1. Getting transaction of every moment: The development of an organization depends on the proper transaction. It intensifies trust between the employers and employees. The calculation of every time of the company is tracked by our software.
  2. Comprehensive computation of inventory: Managing inventory is one the greatest parts of stock management. So, computing inventory is a very significant task. Our software helps you to systematize your inventory properly and compute it perfectly.
  3. Managing payroll and bonus subtly: Making salary sheet is also a significant task. Watching the tracked activities of the employees from our software, you can complete payroll and bonus part properly.
  1. Making the delivery and invoice sheet with shipment: The software created by us helps you to make delivery and invoice sheet quickly and correctly. You can also add the cost of shipment talking with the clients in invoice sheet easily.Accounting and inventory software1
  2. Keeping the record of every account and event: The calculation of any income or cost is recorded in our software that you can see next time. The occurrence occurred in the institution is also tracked along with the video that you can see any time and realize about your next step.
  1. Preparing an accurate report of every section of the company: Making report is an important duty for the in charge. He has to make the report on debit, credit, production, purchase, sale, inventory etc. He can complete all the calculation according to his necessity quickly and appropriately using our software.
  1. Preparing sales and purchase quotations according to order: After getting an order from the customers, quotations of purchase and sales have to be made. In the case of making quotations, you can take your necessary help from our software.
  1. Helping to do marketing: It is known to all that preaching is the way of expansion. To widen the periphery of your business, you have to employee some skilled marketers. In this case, our software helps you to recruit the marketers.
  1. Discussing with the parties with correct information: Proper knowledge of production, inventory along with accurate information is needed to talk with the parties. If you know the present condition of your business – stock, products, your employees’ activeness and capability of work, you can ensure your parties about your supply. All this necessary information you can know from the tracked event of our software.

In the end, it can be said that accounting and inventory software including above advantages is essential in every company. Our famous company “Hosting in Bangladesh” is ready to help you creating this software according to your necessity.

Accounting and inventory software features :


Sales Entry:

1.Sales Quotation Entry
2.Sales Order Entry
3.Direct Delivery
4.Direct Invoice
5.Delivery Against Sales Orders
6.Invoice Against Sales Delivery
7.Customer Payments
8.Customer Credit Notes
9.Allocate Customer Payments or Credit Notes


Purchase Entry:

1.Purchase Order Entry
2.Outstanding Purchase Orders Maintenance
3.Direct GRN
4.Direct Invoice
5.Payments to Suppliers
6.Supplier Invoices
7.Supplier Credit Notes
8.Allocate Customer Payments or Credit Notes



* Inventory Location Transfers
* Inventory Adjustments


* Work Order Entry
* Outstanding Work Orders

Banking & General Ledger:

* Payments
* Deposits
* Bank Account Transfers
* Journal Entry
* Budget Entry
* Reconcile Bank Account
* Revenue / Costs Accruals


1.Unlimited User
2. Access from anywhere
3. Unlimited PC access
4. Individual access & user panel
5. Low cost & best support


# Sales Quotation Report
# Sales Order Report
# Customer Transaction Report
# Customer Allocation Report
# Customer and Sales Reports

Purchase Reports:

# Purchase Orders Report
# Supplier Transaction Report
# Supplier Allocation Report
# Supplier and Purchasing Reports

Inventory Report:

# Inventory Item Movements
# Inventory Item Status
# Inventory Reports


# Costed Bill Of Material Report
# Inventory Item Where Used Report
# Work Order Report
# Manufacturing Reports

Banking & General Ledger Reports:

# GL Report
# Bank Account Report
# Work Order Report
# Trial Balance
# Balance Sheet
# Profit and Loss
# Banking Reports
# General Ledger Reports

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